This is my personal home. I am Marcus Stögbauer, and none of the people in the image above is me. Neither is my name Zegerman, and you might ask: What is the meaning of that name, and what is a Lysis.

The latter part is easy, Marcus isn’t the most unique name, and especially a name which was taken on many parts of the internet, so I chose Lysis as my nickname.

The story behind Zegerman is a bit more interesting: As you will read in the sections below, I am not the youngest kid on the block. Specifically, I was already around when Google introduced Gmail. That was a really big thing back then, and they started with an invite-only beta program, where some people received invites, and after a while they could in turn invite some more people. A friend of mine from the US, whom I only knew from the internet, had some free invites and sent me one. However, he only knew me as “Lysis”, and the web form to send the invite with requested him to enter a last name. He knew however, that I was from Germany. So he thought: Oh, he’s ze german, and germans like to construct new words, so Zegerman be his name.

And thus I received my new last name, Lysis Zegerman.

My (work) life

I am a Network person (Engineer, Architect, Designer; however you want to call it), which is my hobby, mission and my job. It all started in 1996, when I was connecting to the internet for the first time, and was utterly fascinated by the possibilities, all the different people I could suddenly communicate with, and of course the technology. As quickly as I realised at the age of 12, after receiving my first computer as a gift from my parents, that I wanted to work with computers in the future, I felt the same shortly after my first contact with the internet: I wanted to understand it all, and one day help build and run a part of it.

While I am somewhat older, in 1996 I was indeed only 20 years old, so the sensible thing was to get some kind of education before starting to dive into a work life. So I went to university and got my (masters) degree in Mathematics within a lazy seven years, and then really managed to get my first job at MANDA, AS8365, which back in 2004 was operated by TU Darmstadt. In 2005 man-da.de GmbH was founded and became my official employer, and I became responsible for the design and operation of the network.

I had a lot of fun working with my colleagues and our customers, running and advancing the network, and after a few more years became managing director of the company, and stayed it until summer of 2017 when it was time to look for more experiences in the world. So I moved from Darmstadt to Berlin, started working as a Network Engineer at Megaport/ECIX and was working with amazingly talented, friendly and fun people designing the global Megaport network.

The latest chapter in my life started when I learned about a small company, backed by a lot larger companies, which started to build a FTTH network in Berlin. After a lot of thought I left Megaport and joined Vattenfall Eurofiber, where we are bootstrapping a company and building a completely new fiber network to bring faster internets to the Berlin people - so one could say: I am still staying true to the passion I had from the first days when I got to know the internet, and put myself into places where I could do interesting and fun things with it.

If you read until here, that was probably more you ever wanted to know about me, but now you will also understand that likely the majority of my articles on this site will be nerdy, network-related and likely not quite your thing if you’re looking for light entertainment on a stressful evening. Thank you for reading all this though :)